People use CBD products for a variety of reasons, but do you know where the hemp used to make the CBD is coming from? Here at Pure Roots, we are transparent about the making of our products, from the soil it’s grown into the oil it becomes because we believe that we provide the purest quality products. If you use CBD, you should be asking companies these three questions, and we are happy to answer them:

1. Is it grown indoors to medical cannabis standards?

Not only is our hemp grown indoors on our farms, but we implemented small-batch growing as well as Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in order to make sure our plants have the highest level of care that you just don’t get from large outdoor farms. We do all of this while maintaining pharmaceutical-grade practices and continuing those practices throughout the production process.

2. Is it 100% USDA-certified organic hemp?

Hemp is an accumulator plant meaning it absorbs the good and the bad from the soil into its tissues. That is why Pure Roots became 100% certified organic. There is no need to use harsh pesticides because our plants are grown indoors where we do not have to worry about any of the negative outdoor elements like bugs or debris. Instead, our plants are grown in high-quality soil that helps it become our high-quality products.

3. Do you grow and extract the oil yourself?

We do everything from growing the hemp to shipping our products without ever having to outsource. That way, we know exactly where our hemp is coming from which is untrue for most companies in this industry. We know that our hemp is always going to be 100% certified organic and held to pharmaceutical standards. When we extract the oil, we use CO2 extraction methods which is actually the preferred method by the Mayo Clinic because you get the cleanest extraction without the use of harmful solvents. Instead of getting the oil shipped to us and slapping our label on it for sale, our products have undergone years worth of testing. We don’t mind taking the extra time to produce and make our products all in-house because we want our customers to have the purest products possible.

If the company you currently purchase CBD from cannot answer “yes” to all three questions, it is time to find a company that can. Here at Pure Roots, we have nothing to hide about our production process because we have taken the time to make sure it is as close to perfect as it can be. We carefully monitor the production process every step of the way: from soil to oil. Why don’t you give us a try?

At PureRoots we are redefining hemp and how it is grown and extracted. From soil to oil our products and process are free from contaminants that are harmful to you and your loved ones. Every step is carefully monitored and ensures this purity and quality. We do not outsource any part of our process but control every step by testing and retesting to make sure things are done right and completely pure.

From soil to oil give us a try.

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