Three Reasons to Choose CBD

CBD has become more popular in the wellness community in recent years with consumers loving its miracle-like effects. More people are choosing to use CBD even though it is a cousin of marijuana for several, crucial reasons.

CBD is Natural

Many prescription drugs out there today are not natural with a list of ingredients that are hard to pronounce. CBD, however, comes from the hemp plant by extracting the cannabidiol, or CBD, from the flowers and buds of the plant. This is more appealing than taking prescription drugs for different ailments because CBD is naturally occurring. Consumers do not have to worry about where CBD comes from because it can be found in nature.

CBD has multiple uses

When most people think of reasons for taking CBD, they might think of anxiety. While anxiety is one of the most popular reasons for using CBD along with joint pain relief, there are many reasons to take CBD. Some users claim to have seen a decrease in stress once they started using CBD regularly. CBD is multifaceted and can be used to help alleviate various symptoms for people of all ages. Some younger people use CBD to help with anxiety while older age groups tend to use CBD to help relieve pain throughout the body.

There are no addictive properties

A final reason why CBD has been rising in popularity is because it is non-addictive. Since it is derived from hemp extract, there are no known addictive qualities. CBD itself does not produce intoxicating effects when used unlike its cousin marijuana.

The results of a small 2016 study of 31 adults show that while active Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis, produced substantial physical and psychological effects such as rapid heart rate and euphoria, CBD did not affect heart rate, blood pressure, or cognitive function.

CBD also performed similarly to a placebo on self-reported feelings of intoxication. Conversely, the THC group reported feeling euphoric and sedated.

There is a reason why CBD has become a staple in more and more people’s daily lives. CBD can be taken in many different ways which can appeal to any user. There might come a time when everyone will be using CBD frequently because of its life-changing effects!