For me as a dog lover Pureroots Botanical products really have been life changing. Our Catahoula started experiencing seizures, he would have a cluster of 2-3 ever couple of weeks. The vet put him on anti-seizure meds but the changed his playful personality and all he wanted to do was lay around most of the time, and he continued to have the seizures! We really didn’t want for him to be so sluggish and experience the long term side effects that come from these meds. We talked to the wonderful team at Pureroots and they were very helpful and informative. We started him on their suggested routine and he has not had a seizure going on 3 years now! So yes I am not being over dramatic, this has really changed our life because it has our dog and help us not to have to go through the emotional trauma of watching him have a seizure. Thank you Pureroots!!